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Tall, Dark & Hungry [Argeneau Vampires Series – Book 04] – Lynsay Sands

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Terri had flown from England to help plan her cousin’s wedding, but New York hotels cost an arm and a leg! Thankfully, she had an alternative: the new in-laws were offering lodging. Of course, the Argeneaus were a certifiably odd bunch…
There was the sometimes-chipper-sometimes-brooding Lucern (a vampire romance writer of all things!), the wacky stage-actor, Vincent (she couldn’t imagine Broadway casting a hungrier singing-and-dancing Dracula), and then there was Bastien Argeneau…
Of this unique cast of characters, Bastien seemed the tallest, darkest and hungriest–and his effect on Terri was decidedly delicious. Just looking into his eyes made her want to serve up her innocence on a silver platter… And she had a feeling the love feast was about to begin.
Audio Release: November 2009
Narrator: Jeffrey Cummings
Version: Unabridged
Length: 9 hrs
Format: 20 mp3 files
Bit rate: 64 kbps
Size: ~ 249 MB

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